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I offer public speaking and talks on the power of your voice and the spoken word. The following courses or sessions or groups or individuals. Here are the courses I offer:

Public Speaking and Talks

I give talks and presentations on the art of public speaking generally including the Talking Wall. I can offer themed talks on articulate speaking and the difference it makes to those starting out on their careers and throughout their careers. I address audiences of native and non-native speakers of English. I also speak about language and longevity. I work with schools universities, business networking, in the senior community here and overseas.

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Services & Prices

Poetry Therapy - Join My Haiku Club

Poetry therapy is a pathway for personal development by expressing your feelings and thoughts through this wonderful art form. Where artists paints a picture, so a poet conjures images and thoughts in the mind.

Clients have found coaching sessions involving poetry very therapeutic and may be just the medium for you to organise your thinking and ideas. I work with the Haiku, a Japanese form of poetry which is very short just 17 syllables or sounds and focuses on the mindfulness of a moment in time. It can help you to express your mood or emotions and write them down, a thinking dairy but within a beautiful art form. They usually connect a thought within the observation of natural surroundings.

Matsuo Basho is the ancient master of HAIKU
An old silent pond... (5)
A frog jumps into the pond, (7)
splash! Silence again. (5)

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is a great way to manage your thoughts with language games and a therapy to organise your ideas. Talking topics discussions debates can be stimulating and fun as well as exercising your mind and learning how to express yourself in a concise and articulate way.

Sessions and coaching will give you bags of confidence and awake your senses -all vital for mental well being to go forward in your life with much more confidence.

The Talking Wall

This unique programme is aimed to help each client focus on a structure in their minds where they organise challenges and psychological obstacles by putting them down upon their own bricks to make their own wall. We work on each brick until you have the knowledge, tools and confidence to break down the barriers and rebuild the bricks in the form of a pathway symbolising your way forward to realise your dreams and goals.


Speeches or talks - fees negotiated on request
First 45 minute assessment is FREE
My rate is £50 per hour
Courses are tailored to the individual client. Group sessions also available. Please contact me for details of your course and invoice before making payment.

Here are some Autumn group online courses

Courses & Dates with ZOOM Talking Wall TUESDAYS 2-3pm Haiku Club THURSDAYS 2-3pm Critical Thinking & Discussion FRIDAYS 12-1pm Course Fees 4 weekly 1 hour sessions
ONLINE: SEP/OCT 2020 29th September - 20th October 1st October - 22nd October 2nd October - 23rd October £50 per hour
ONLINE: OCT/2020 27th October - 17th November 29th October -19th November 30th October - 20th November £50 per hour
ONLINE: NOV/DEC 2020 24th November - 15th December 26th November - 17th December 27th November - 18th December £50 per hour

"Janie's Talking Wall programme is a unique and effective as a lively way to encourage confidence in her clients in businesses where non native speakers use English . She has a positive and lively approach to training which involves every client interacting to achieve a great skills set"

William B Miller for CCL Labels

"Janie was always very clear, compassionate and provided excellent advice, helping me to develop confidence in my own voice. After I began working with Jane, she encouraged me to participate in a debating team. She worked diligently coaching me through the debate process and together we worked on confident public speaking and forming clear articulate arguments."

Dr Kate Boniface - BVetMed MRCVS 2020