Janie is passionate about getting the most out of life after 50. She is a motivational speaker on retirement and longevity.

We are living longer and we have much to offer as seniors - so make your voice heard!

It is often in our more advanced years where changes or crossroads of any sort can affect our confidence. This can result in making us feel lonely as we may not have the courage or motivation to get a new job , volunteer for something, join a group or make new friends.

I can support you in preparing a short introduction about yourself or more in depth coaching in self presentation and interview technique as well as learning to use new media meeting platforms and online courses on being a better communicator through The Talking Wall, Haiku Club or Critical Thinking.

Keep up with the trends by adopting some word meanings into modern lingo and you'll make an impression with confidence to remain a useful part of your community.

I focus on personal development coaching in a slightly unusual way, through the art of using your most natural asset -your voice. So I set up Your Voice for Life 2008 and have coached hundreds of clients of all ages to speak confidently by using simple tips to calm nerves and to enjoy the freedom. I am always humbled by the satisfaction it gives people to make an impression on others by good talking and what a difference it makes to their lives. Clients have gone on to get jobs with better interview technique, got out and made friends and coped better with challenging relationships by mindful speaking and listening

My Coaching

My coaching is tailored to empathise with and support every individual with whom I work, caring about their well being in terms of self expression and presentation. I am committed to helping my clients realise the potential opportunities awaiting them in their new chapter of life.

It may be through Mindful Haiku Therapy or my Talking Wall programme. I definitely like to add an element of fun to underpin all my coaching and at the same time encourage critical thinking and listening through talking topics, discussions, debates and role play. These activities put a smile on the face of clients and are a great relaxant.

Mindful Haiku Therapy

A tiny Haiku poem makes mindful of a moment and to express your thoughts. You can often overcome negative feelings by capturing a beautiful image and writing about it and share it with others. In a poem you are using language to create a feeling as an artist uses a paintbrush. You can master the art and share you thoughts with others through poetry.

The Talking Wall

The Talking Wall is a programme where my client[s] and I look at various ways that better spoken communication skills might relieve them of a psychological barrier causing anxiety and lack of confidence. Confident speaking and articulating your thoughts appropriately are the foundation stones of personal development and success at any stage of your life.

Here is my 9 point plan of tips and tricks to break down the bricks and find your pathway forward as a good speaker:


Building Your Wall


Make Your Wall a Pathway

If you would like to explore with me how I might help you, please get in touch.

I offer new clients a free assessment chat to see whether you feel I can help you. I work face to face online or by telephone and eventually face to face.

"Janie coached me to start getting out and about when I retired. We explored lots of ideas and I became a volunteer explainer at The Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich. It changed my life"

Michael Miller - Guide ORNC

"Janie supported me with some voice coaching for a special occasion that was really important for me , she helped me gain confidence to speak in public . She gave me very useful advice on how to structure my speech and tips on body language especially to overcome nerves.

Helen Delap - Retired Counsellor and Teacher