Janie Shepherd-Miller B.A (HONS)

DELTA (University of Cambridge)
Diploma In Life Coaching

  • Life Coach
  • Teacher
  • Trainer
  • Public Speaker

Janie is an empathetic experienced coach, corporate trainer and public speaker. She has a long track record of motivating audiences and encouraging clients to achieve their goals through the power of their voices and confident communication.

She has found throughout her professional life that being able to think critically, articulate thoughts and speak out with confidence is the most effective pathway to success in personal and professional development. A good communicator gains value to themselves and others.

At any time in your life whether just starting out on your career or needing and wanting a change of direction at any future stage, then using your voice to your advantage will pay you dividends.

As we age we can begin to feel a little invisible in today's society but we need to plan for longer lives and greater participation in our communities to make us feel mentally stimulated and a sense of well being. Your voice must be heard because you have so much to offer !

She has designed programmes to support confidence and well being through her Talking Wall programme, Mindful Haiku Writing and critical thinking. Programmes and courses are informative, offer clients a new toolkit of skills and last but not least include an element of fun!

Her clients are all seeking to enhance spoken English Skills and are usually:
University Students, Professionals, Business owners, Educators and Seniors.


University Students

You are starting out in your career - your future is before you.


Professionals & Executives

Let your best voice speak for you to help gain your goals in your future life.



We are living longer and have much to offer as seniors - make your voice heard.

"Janie is a polished and well spoken communicator who is committed to excellence. She is elegant and a true professional with attention to detail that is second to none. Jane has a positive attitude and a gift for uplifting and motivating others to do the best they can. Her patience and genuine concern for others is a quality that I have always admired "

Ore Ogungbayi - Mental Health Coach and Master of Ceremonies 2018

"Janie trains to the highest standards. She manages to put people at ease and motivates them to step outside their comfort zone to acquire new skills in public speaking. Clients report a remarkable increase in their confidence to speak out and move forward with their goals."

Julia Maile - Regional Manager Speakers Trust 2020

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